Choose the Pros to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Urban Electric and Lighting handles panel changes in Omaha, NE

Updating your electrical panel has never been easier thanks to Urban Electric and Lighting, LLC. Get in touch with us today to discuss your panel upgrade needs with an Omaha, NE electrician. Whether your panel was damaged in a storm or it's just time for an update, you can rely on us to help. We'll take care of all your panel changes for a price that suits your budget.

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Why choose Urban Electric and Lighting?

Why choose Urban Electric and Lighting?

Is it time to replace your outdated electrical panel? Urban Electric and Lighting specializes in electrical panel changes and upgrades in Omaha, NE. You should choose us because we can:

  • Upgrade fuse panels to breaker panels
  • Replace small panels with larger panels to add more power to a building
  • Handle trenching and wire replacements to make sure your new panel is installed properly

Don't choose just any electrician to complete your electrical panel upgrade. Contact Urban Electric and Lighting today to get started on your panel changes.